Some useful tips on the importance of Lodger Agreement

Many people especially those who are new in United Kingdom or London doesn’t know much about the tenancy agreement, we will talk about it.

Room share London or house share London comes together with a tenancy agreement (if you are a tenant) and living in a house without it can be a real problem for you. The chance of having a problem in absence of it is a big one because this tenancy agreement is the one that give you rights and liabilities to your landlord.

So, this tenancy agreement is done in case of room share London or house share London/ you want to rent rooms in London. This written document concerns a tenant and a landlord. This act represent your leasing arrangement and it presents how much you will stay in tenancy (usually is written the minimum of months), how much you have to pay for your rented house/room, what you have to do in the house (duties), your deposit value, which are your rights and your landlords’ liabilities and when he can come to visit you.

Do not accept a tenancy if your landlord doesn’t give you this tenancy agreement or if doesn’t accept to make one!

Additionally, if the landlord wants to write the house rules to be sure that you respect them, he has this right. Here are some examples: he can write if you can bring pets in his house or not, if you can bring visitors in the house or if you are allowed to smoke in the house or not. Also, in this agreement must be written how your tenancy can end, your landlords’ name and address and the address of the property you rented.

If you do not agree with some terms, don’t sign the document! Your landlord doesn’t have the right to be unfair and write in the document that he can come in the house when he wants or to say that you will accept changes to the original agreement.

You can have two types of tenancy: fixed-term or periodic. Depending on what type of tenancy you have, you can end your tenancy agreement. If it is fixed-term it is hard to finish the agreement before the date written in the document. If you really need to leave, you can do it but you have to pay the rent for the months/weeks you don’t live in the house.

If it is periodic, you can easy end your tenancy agreement because you have to wait just a little time till you can leave.

For legally end the agreement you have to sign an act together with your landlord. You both have to agree for this.

To do Room share London or House share London are the most popular in London but make sure that you find a good landlord. Be aware of fake adverts or landlords and do not let them to scam you. If you do not sign this tenancy agreement do not live in his house! If you do, he can make what he wants, when he wants.

How to choose the best hosting provider

Choosing the best web hosting for you can be hard, especially if you aren’t an expert because you can be easy fooled by appearances and if you do not know exactly what you need, you will buy a web hosting that do not fit your requirements and you will have no result.

First, let’s understand what a web hosting really is.

You must know that it is necessary for you to have a web hosting service if you want to have a website for your business, if you want to have your personal blog or if you just want to express yourself or present some news or something else.

Here are many web hosting companies on the market and what they do is to provide you space on a server to can make your website accessible for people via www. (Www=world wide web) What is a server? A server is a computer that offers people the chance to connect with each other in the entire world. Without it, you can’t connect with other people or at websites. So, you need a server to let people know about your website. Each time you connect to internet, you are connected to a server too. Both of them are indispensable. One without the other one can’t exists.

So, now you know what is a server and why it is absolutely necessary to have one for your website. Now, let’s found out what type of server is necessary for your web hosting. (for a better understand and for success you need to understand your process of web hosting)

Now let’s talk about how to learn to choose a web hosting.

First, you need to think at many things. What about your website is going to be? Depending on that, you have some specific web hosting services. If you want something common and simple you can choose any web hosting service provider you want. But, if you want something bigger you need to choose a strong and popular service provider. It is exactly the same thing for the next question: you will have a big volume of traffic or not? You have now a low traffic on your website but you want to gain success and make it bigger?

: For example, if you buy a web hosting service from a company you do not know or that do not have a great technology, you can’t have much people on your website at the same time. If you are available to invest in web hosting, choose performance because it is the one which will give you success. If you have a big volume of traffic but a slow web hosting that will fall and that will do not work anymore when many people are watching your website at the same time, you spent money on nothing.

You need to think if you want windows applications or if you need php or something more complex because not any web hosting is working well with everything. Usually, web hosting is special for any preference.

If you are in the beginning our advice is to start with a shared web hosting that is cheap. More than that it isn’t complex like a personal one and you can manage it easier. When you believe that you are prepared to work with a personal web hosting, you can buy one of them and manage it by yourself.

The next thing you have to do is to look for server reliability. It is important to have a good web hosting that is working all the time. If your web hosting is interrupted by something, you will lose a lot of information and money. For this guarantee, you need to have a powerful server. You must look also at uptime score. Do not accept anything under 99%when it’s about uptime score!

After you have a great web hosting, you have to continue with web domains. Most of the people that have a web hosting service own more than 5 domains because they are cheap and they are a new chance to have success and make you popular! Also, it is a good way to promote your product or business.

But, more domains you have, more you need a better and a bigger web hosting space. You can decide that thing in the beginning. If you buy a small web hosting and an unknown one you can have many problems with it. It can fall anytime and also you can’t have many domains on the same web hosting service and it is re al problem. So, choose a web hosting service that allows you to own many domains from the moment you decide to buy one.

It is also important to keep in mind about Addon Domains that mean divided website with many and different domains. You can host all of these domains on your web host. Also, Parked Domain means that you have an extra domain that you can park for different things as email hosting and not only.

When you buy a web hosting service you must know that they must provide you some basic programs you have to use to prepare your work. If they do not provide them, then do not buy it.

There are many types of web hosting and you need to think and choose properly what is best for you. You do not have why to spend money for no reason, so first think what you need: Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Sever Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting or Cloud Hosting. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so you can’t choose something perfect no matter what. So, search for good information, decide what you really want and find a web hosting service perfect for you and your wishes!

Web hosting is pretty hard to understand if you aren’t in the domain or if you aren’t made for IT, but you need to understand what is happening to have a great deal and to get you popular on the internet!


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Finding a room to rent in UK is easy with Room Hunters

Leasing in UK is necessary to all individuals from the whole world due to the fact that UK is a traveler destination, checked out by countless individuals year by year. In the same time cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow are populated by many individuals. In the capital of United Kingdom, hunting for double bedrooms to rent or single bedrooms to rent in London is a tourist interest for students who come here to study and might be looking for student flatshare or for individuals from another nation who are present in London to make a new life and to make them noticed. No matter what, all of them are space hunters.

Where can a space hunter discover a location to reside in UK? Exactly what are the alternatives?

Searching the site, you can discover the conditions property owners desire you to regard, the location where the space is, the rate; likewise, by publishing an advertisement you can reveal your conditions, your optimum readily available cost and other.

When you wish to lease a location you can publish an advertisement for let the property owners discover you on area: Room share London or you can look for a space yourself, through the advertisements published by property managers on area: Occupant Hunters.

Our websites are devoted to individuals who look for a space or home to live. You can discover lots of alternatives of spaces and homes and it is difficult to not discover something that fits your desires.

Exactly what you need to do to lease a space or home you desire?

You can do that just if you were signed up on the site. After the moment when the landlord addresses you, you can prepare a go to on his home to see it and make sure that it is the place you want to stay and rent rooms in London.

If you are the property owner, how does it works?

You can discover the house is evaluated from other individuals who utilized the site, you can read about their professionalism or perhaps about some property managers or occupants. Now, go and browse the sites for a space or home in London and make yourself comfy in your brand-new leased home!

The distinction will be that the interested occupants will call you; your task purpose is to wait to somebody interested in. All you have to do is to do an account on the site and to publish your advertisement!

Being a space hunter in UK is really easy if you browse on individualized sites. You will discover something quickly, no matter exactly what is your gender, age, exactly what are your choices about the location or the area of it, since sites provide to your thousands and countless choices!

Choosing the right cleaning company in London

I love Citi Clean! It is the best solution when it comes to tenancy cleaning. Yes, I know that you won’t believe me but let’s tell my story from the beginning.

I was sick and tired of cleaning the house after a great party, when the spring comes and before every holiday. It was a nightmare! Just thinking about it made me cry, but anymore! Trying to escape from this task I started searching for some help and I found Citi Clean. Of course, I was suspicious about this company but the following facts convinced me that it was the best one. Further, their cleaning prices are very competitive for what they offer.

They have the best trained teams and the most modern equipments in order to perfectly clean each and every place they are requested to. It may seem crazy that some strangers would make your house crystal clear, but it is true. This company has the most dedicated persons that are ready to turn your house upside down so as to clean every place. And I cannot say that I made their job any way easier because despite being lazy when talking about housework, I am still a perfectionist.

Yet, the main thing that set me a step aside was the fact that they do not provide walls and ceiling cleaning. But taking into consideration all the hard work they put in cleaning my house, I decided to turn a blind eye and to go on with choosing the. I wasn’t even discouraged when I heard that they do not provide exterior cleaning, meaning that you have to clean the garage, the garden or the balcony. Likewise, you have to empty the wardrobes and the cupboards prior to the arrival of the team. The fridges and freezers should be turned off and defrosted before the experts arrive, so as they could clean them. Doing these things I tell my friends that I cleaned the house. So, as you can see it’s not even a disadvantage, it’s a way not to lie your friends point blank.

What is best about Citi Clean London is that they are available at any day time, they do not have extra charges for weekends or holidays and you don’t have to pay anything for the equipments and materials. They do an excellent job at a reasonable price!

Bear in mind that the very first impression appears in almost five milliseconds, so be careful how your house looks like, because words go by way of mouth and you surely do not want to be known as a dirty person. Haven’t I convinced you? I know that you will love Citi Clean, so don’t hesitate and choose them now!

How to host your first website and where?

Hosting is the most important thing when you want to own a website for your personal blog, business or just for your pleasure.

First, to own a website you need a domain name. You have to go on a professional site to buy one (it can’t exists two websites with the same name). The next step is to purchase a web hosting.

What is a web hosting? Well, it is a service you need to keep your website open because they will do your job for you. If you let hosting in your hands it will be very difficult because it will costs you a lot of time and stress.  If you do not pay monthly/annual the necessary money to a web hosting service, your website will be closed. Here is the place where you put everything about your website (information, data and so on) and you can access everything through you domain name.

To be easier for you, you can buy the hostage service from the company that owns your domain, but you do not have to do it if you so not want to.

You need to choose the best seller for domains and hosting because if you do not choose right, you can have many problems while you own your website! Before purchase something, speak with a professional in IT.

It also is the option of Shared Web Hosting.  It is a web hosting service too, but it is of course a little difference between the first one and this. If you want a shared web hosting service you need to know that there will be more websites (meaning that not only yours) that will reside on a web server. This web server will be connected to the Internet to make your website opened to everyone.

The difference is money. You need little money for shared web hosting service because you share the costs with other people. But, you need to know that you will not be the only administrator! So, you need to be sure that you will be your administrator before buy a shared web hosting service!

You have also another option called VPS: Virtual Private Server. You need to know that it is a virtual server.

In this situation, you practically have two in one: shared web hosting service and dedicated hosting. It will give you a web server to host your website on just like the others.

The Dedicated Server is the one where you rent an entire server and it is quite difficult and unnecessary for many people. Only big businesses that have a lot of traffic really need it. It also will cost you a lot of money.

The Shared Web Hosting Service is when you rent just a part of a server, not all of it. And it is perfect for blogs or small businesses because you will save a lot of money!

Why you need it and how does it work?

Having a VPS hosting is good for the most of programmers because it lets them run many operating systems on their PC. How it is possible? Well, you will have installed an operating system, for example, Windows 7. But, owning a VPS hosting you are allowed to run other operating systems in the same time using a virtual box.